We extend a warm welcome to everyone worshipping with us.  We trust that God will richly bless our time together.

We are also delighted to welcome our Assistant Minister, Rev David Macdonald, as he begins his ministry with us.  We assure Dave and Jayne of our prayerful support and good wishes as they settle into our congregation here at Back.  


Services for Sunday 13th August


Services for Sunday 20th August


Morning Prayer Meeting



Morning Prayer Meeting


Rev Donald A Macdonald

(Introductory Service)



Rev David Macdonald (Hall)


Rev David Macdonald (Church)



Rev Calum I Macleod (Tong)





Mr Angus Macdonald (Church – Gaelic)





Rev David Macdonald (Church)





Congregational Fellowship

(Dave & Jane Macdonald)


Midweek Services

Tue (7pm)

Prayer Meeting (Gress)

Tue (7.30pm)

Prayer Meeting (Tong Mission House) – NO Prayer Meeting

Wed (7.30pm)

Prayer Meeting (Hall – English)  Rev David Macdonald

Wed (7.30pm)

Road to Recovery (Back Community Hut)

Thu (7pm)

Prayer Meeting (Hall  - Gaelic) Rev Calum I Macleod


Crèche Rota

Today (13th August):Dana Murray, Lisa Maclean, Mairianne Maciver, Catherine France.

Next Sunday (20th August):Laura Graham, Melanie Mackay, Christine Mutch, Sarah Macleod.


Sunday 13th August

Rev David Macdonald will be ‘preached in’ by his uncle Rev Donald A Macdonald at this morning’s Introductory Service at 11 am.  Dave will conduct his first service at Back at 6 pm.  Please note that there will be no service in Tong this evening.


Back Induction - Thanks

The Deacons’ Court would wish to convey its sincere thanks to everyone who helped and assisted in all aspects of planning and preparation for the induction service and reception last Friday evening.  All who organised and contributed to catering, setting up the hall, traffic control and all other logistics are sincerely thanked for their assistance and support.  The overwhelming response to the request for voluntary input was most encouraging.  The congregation is also commended for the excellent response to the retiring collections held to assist in covering induction related costs.  We also convey our heartfelt thanks to the Back Community Centre for granting us use of such an excellent facility for the induction reception.


Deacons’ Court

The Deacons’ Court will meet on Thursday 17th August at 8.15 pm in the church hall.


Forthcoming Inductions

The following Probationers are set to be ordained and inducted to the following congregations over coming weeks:

Tuesday 15 August - Rev. Paul Murray as the new minister of Kinloch;

Wednesday 30 August - Rev. Mark Macleod as the new minister at Leverburgh.

The ordination and induction services will commence at 7.00 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend the services and invited to the receptions afterwards for the ministers and their families.


After Church Fellowship – Sunday 20th August

There will be a congregational fellowship in the church hall immediately following the evening service next Lord’s Day – 20th August.  Dave and Jayne will be interviewed and share testimony.  This will be an excellent opportunity to meet with them both in an informal setting.  Tea & cake will be served.  Everyone is most welcome. 


Back Free Church Shorter Catechism Initiative

Q103.     For what do we pray in the third request?

A. In the third request (your will be done on earth as it is in heaven) we pray that by His grace God would make us have the capability and the will to know, obey, and submit to His will in everything, as the angels do in heaven.

When we pray for God’s will to be done, we are asking God to make us able to know, understand, and want to do the commands He has given us in His Word. We also ask God to work all things out for the good of His people and for His glory. Of course, God will do this anyway. When we pray for it, we agree to accept God’s will for us and for His world, whatever it is. Whatever God’s choices are for us, we will trust Him and not complain.


Q104.     For what do we pray in the fourth request?

A. In the fourth request (Give us today our daily bread) we pray that we may receive an adequate amount of the good things in this life as a free gift of God and that with them we may enjoy His blessing.

When we pray for our daily bread, we are not asking for bread only. “Our daily bread” means any of the things that we need to live. It includes all our food, our water, our clothing, and our shelter. This is the only one of all the requests in the Lord’s Prayer that asks for things for our bodies. All the other requests are concerned with spiritual things. Because there is only one request concerning things for our bodies, we see that our prayers should be mostly concerned with spiritual things. Still, since there is this request for physical things, we see that these things matter to God. In His goodness, He gives us what we need for our bodies. Read Psalm 145:15-16.


Q105.     For what do we pray in the fifth request?

A.  In the fifth request (Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors), encouraged by God’s grace, which makes it possible for us sincerely to forgive others, we pray that for Christ’s sake God would freely pardon all our sins.

When we become Christians, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside us. He gives us the power to say “No” to sin. He gives us the power to obey God. Our hearts are still sinful, though, and they continue to cause us to sin until we die or until Jesus returns. Even with the Holy Spirit living inside us, we will still sin. We will sin every day. Each evening we should ask God to show us the sins we have committed that day. We should ask God to forgive us the debts or sins of each day. Read Hosea 14:2.


An excerpt taken from Training Hearts Teaching Minds, Family Devotions based on the Shorter Catechism by Starr Meade, ISBN 978-0-87552-392-7. Used with permission from P&R Publishing Co Phillipsburg, N.J. www.prpbooks.com


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  (John 1: 1)

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