Services for Sunday 28th  May


Services for Sunday 4th June


Morning Prayer Meeting



Morning Prayer Meeting


Rev Calum I Macleod (Hall)



Mr Iain R Morrison (Hall)


Rev Donald A Macdonald

(Church – Gaelic)



Rev Kenneth M Ferguson

(Church – Gaelic)


Back Sunday School

Tong Sunday School



Rev Calum I Macleod

(Tong – English)


Rev Calum I Macleod (Church)



Back Sunday School

Tong Sunday School


Mr Neil Murray (Tong - Gaelic)



Children’s Church (Hall)





Rev Calum I Macleod (Church)





Focus YF (Hall)



Midweek Services

Tue (7pm)

Prayer Meeting (Gress)

Wed (7.30pm)

Prayer Meeting (Hall) – Sharon Rose / Eilidh Macleod (OM)

Thu (7pm)

Prayer Meeting (Hall – Gaelic) – Mr Kenny J Mackenzie  

Sat (7pm)

Open Prayer Time (Crèche / GP Room)


Crèche Rota

Today (28th May): Catherine Macinnes, Ishbel MacLachlan, Cheryl MacLachlan

Next Sunday (4th June):Chrisanne Macleod, Anne Montgomery, Ishbal Macdonald



Cearcall meets tomorrow, 29th May at 2:00pm. We are looking forward to hearing from Coinneach Maciomhair, Upper Coll. He is going to tell us about his work in Gaelic broadcasting. Please come along to what will be a very interesting meeting.


Stornoway Street Pastors

Stornoway Street Pastors will be holding an information night on Monday 29 May at 7.30pm at St Columba's Hall. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a Street Pastor to find out more about the work. Application forms will be available on the evening. There will also be information available for anyone looking to sign up as a Prayer Pastor.


Moldova Support Group – Fundraiser Curry Evening

Join us for an informal evening in Back Free Church hall on Friday 9th June at 6.30pm, where we can come together to enjoy a meal and relaxed table fellowship.  Seats, or a table of 8, can be booked by phoning Isabelle 07786845916 or Maggie 07771798471, or by adding your name to the sheet at the back of the hall. Donations towards Children’s Camps and ongoing ministry in Nisporeni, Moldova can be made on the night.  We will be serving a variety of curries, including gluten free and vegetarian options, rice, naan, poppadoms, as well as pudding, juice and water. This is a great opportunity to have a night out with friends and family while also supporting our friends in Moldova.


Walking Group

The Walking Group meets again on Tuesday 30th May. The group meet in the church car park at 6.30pm and go for a 5k walk.  If you wish further information contact Dina (07557091593) or Isabelle (07786845916). Please join us, everyone welcome.


Little Lambs

Little Lambs will meet this week. Wednesday 31st May, 1pm - 2.45pm.  

All babies, toddlers, parents and grandparents welcome.


OM (Operation Mobilisation)

Sharon Rose, Church Partner Development Officer, OM, will speak at our prayer meeting on Wednesday evening.  She will speak about the wider mission work and ministry of OM.  Eilidh Macleod will also speak about her forthcoming trip to South Africa to an OM Missions Discipleship Training Course from February – July 2018.  Tea to follow.


Challenger 4 – Tong Mission 2017

We look forward to welcoming the Challenger team to Broadbay this year again.  The Tong Mission is scheduled to take place over three evenings from Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th June.  The Challenger 4 Exhibition bus will be visiting local schools and hosting evening events as in previous years. The mission will begin with a community Sunday service in Tong Community Hall on Sunday 25th June at 11 am.  Volunteer forms are available at the church hall door.  Please add your name if you are able to help in practical ways, especially at the Kid’s Club (6-7.45 pm) during Challenger week. 

Up to eight members of the Challenger team will also require accommodation within the congregation from Saturday 24th – Thursday 29th June.   The team can be dispersed accordingly.  Anyone able to offer some accommodation can add their names to the Hospitality Form at the church hall door.  


WFM Evening Event for Women

Our Annual Event is due to take place on Friday 2nd June at the Cabarfeidh Hotel.  Ladies who have booked to attend are invited to come along from 4pm onwards to browse the various stalls and be seated by 5pm.  Donations of baking, preserves, plants, etc. will be gratefully accepted on the day.


Kirk Session

The Kirk Session will meet on Tuesday 6th June at 8.15 pm in the Crèche / GP Room.


Back Free Church Shorter Catechism Initiative


Q79.       What is the tenth commandment?

A.            The tenth commandment is: You shall not covet your neighbour’s house. You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, or his manservant or his maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour.

Q80.       What does the tenth commandment require?

A.            The tenth commandment requires us to be completely satisfied with our own status in life and to have a proper, loving attitude toward others and their possessions.

Q81.       What does the tenth commandment forbid?

A.            The tenth commandment forbids any dissatisfaction with what belongs to us, envy or grief at the success of others, and all improper desire for anything that belongs to someone else.


If we quickly read the first nine of the Ten Commandments without thinking much about them, we might think we are good people. We do not pray to statues or kill or steal. If we look at the Ten Commandments this way, we fail to consider our hearts. We do not see that we can also break the Ten Commandments by wrong thoughts and attitudes in our hearts. One purpose of this final commandment is to force people to look at their hearts so they will realise they are sinful.

Saul was a very intelligent man. He had spent his life using that great intelligence to study the law of God. Yet even with all that studying and all that intelligence, Saul did not realise he was a sinner. He thought he could keep God’s law himself. After he saw his need for a saviour and put his trust in Christ, he said it was this tenth commandment that had showed him he was a sinner. Coveting is wanting something we do not have in a way that is wrong. We covet in our hearts where no one else can see. This commandment shows us that sin is not just how we act on the outside. Wrong thoughts and feelings in our hearts are sin just as well. Read Romans 7:7.

An excerpt taken from Training Hearts Teaching Minds, Family Devotions based on the Shorter Catechism by Starr Meade, ISBN 978-0-87552-392-7. Used with permission from P&R Publishing Co., Phillipsburg, N.J.



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