*Revised Programme – Stornoway Communion w/e

Today’s Services (19th February)


Next Lord’s Day (26th February)


Morning Prayer Meeting



Morning Prayer Meeting


Rev Calum I Macleod

Joint Service (Church)



Rev Thomas Davis



Back Sunday School

Tong Sunday School



Mr Iain A Mackinnon

(Church) Gaelic


Rev Calum I Macleod




Back Sunday School

Tong Sunday School


Focus YF




Back Alive

(Tong Community Hall) 






Rev Thomas Davis






Mr Neil Murray

(Tong) Gaelic


Midweek Services 

Tue (7pm

          Prayer Meeting (Gress)  Gaelic


Tue (7.30pm)

          Prayer Meeting (Tong)


Wed (7.30pm)

          Prayer Meeting (Hall) – Mr Alex J Macleod


Thurs (7pm)

          Prayer Meeting (Hall) Gaelic – Rev Donald A Macdonald


Sat (7 pm)

          Open Prayer Time (Crèche / GP Room)



Pastoral Oversight

Rev James Maciver, Stornoway Free Church, has kindly agreed to provide pastoral oversight of our congregation during our minister’s time in Uganda (21 Feb – 9 March).  This will be undertaken in conjunction with Rev Kenneth M Ferguson and our Session Clerk, Iain A Mackinnon, who will provide practical support as appropriate and necessary.


Spring Communion

Our Spring Communion will be held on w/e Sunday 26th March.  Rev David Macleod (North Harris Free Church) will conduct our main communion services.  Rev James Maciver (Stornoway) will assist along with Rev Kenneth M Ferguson and Rev Roddy J Campbell (North Tolsta) also conducting some of our services.  Please pray for the Lord’s blessing on our forthcoming communion.


Youth Conference (FCYC – 2017)

Calum Iain has been invited to be the main speaker at this year’s Free Church Youth Conference at Lendrickmuir (Friday 17th – Sunday 19th March).  He will speak on the theme of Training for Godliness.


Midweek Offering Fund

The following donations were made via the MOF in recent days:


Latin Link (via Martin Haworth):

Abraham’s Oasis (via Alex & Aster Chalmers):

All contributors are sincerely thanked for their ongoing support to the MOF.


Creche Rota

Today (19th February): Anne Macleod, Dina Macleod, Maryann Macdonald.

Sunday (26th February): Ann Marie Macleod, Cath France, Natalie Murray.


Bible Buddies

Our Bible Buddies Youth Clubs meet in the Church Hall this week.

Monday 20th February,  P1-3,  6.30-7.30pm.

Tuesday 21st February, P4-7,  6.30-8pm.   All Children Welcome.


Little Lambs

Little Lambs will  meet again this week on Wednesday 22nd February, 1pm - 2.45pm.   All babies, toddlers, parents and grandparents welcome.



Cearcall is on next Monday, 27th February. We will meet in the hall between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. Rev. Angus Alex Macdonald and his wifeHelen will be telling us about some of their adventures. Please come along if you can. We look forward to seeing you there. 


The Record

All subscribers of The Record should note that, following the passing of Rev Dr Iain D. Campbell, editor, there will not be a March edition of the magazine this year.   Rev David Robertson, a past editor of the magazine, will resume this role on a temporary basis. The April edition of the magazine will be published as normal with Rev Robertson as editor.


Annual Supper Evening

Western Isles Free Church Mission Support Group: Please note that the new date for our supper evening is Friday 10th March. If you would like to book a place or a table, please contact 01851 70 2618d.maclean145@btinternet.com or 07733 077972


Pastoral Visits

I am conscious of how relatively little pastoral contact I have had with the wider congregation this year to date.  This has been largely due to my illness in December / January and the difficult events of past weeks, as well as preparing for the forthcoming GIGA trip to Uganda.  I do hope that I can resume more regular pastoral visitation when I return from Uganda and following the Easter break.  Our Kirk Session is currently reviewing all aspects of pastoral visitation.  A revised programme of a more structured pastoral visitation model to be undertaken by all office-bearers with input from our wider fellowship will be drawn up over coming weeks.  This will be shared with the congregation in due course.    Calum I.



GIGA Short-Term Mission Trip

Dina and I are looking forward to our short-term mission trip to Uganda.  We hope to leave on Tue 21st February for two weeks, returning on Thu 9th March (DV).


We hope to arrive in Entebbe on Wednesday evening.  We will be staying on the ABU campus along with Kenny John.  Our trip will begin with some initial briefings, a visit to God Is Good Nursery and School and some local sightseeing.  I will be preaching in a local church on Sunday. 


The ABU Spiritual Emphasis week commences on Monday 27 February.  I have been allocated seven preaching engagements over five days.  I hope to preach on the theme of Aspects of Discipleship in the New Testament.  There will also be the opportunity for fellowship and informal interaction with the ABU students.   


Dina, alongside Joan MacKinnon and Torquil MacLeod (GIGA) will undertake a packed programme of educational work at God is Good Nursery and School with the staff and children.  We hope to take with us some 65 kg of resources (three large cases!) kindly donated from Lewis for the nursery and school.


We are also looking forward to seeing the MAF hangar / base near Kampala.  Alex Chalmers is kindly organising this visit for us.


We will have a day or two to ourselves before returning home.  Kenny John hopes to take us to the Uganda Equator, where we can have one foot in the northern hemisphere and the other in the southern hemisphere.


We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has so generously donated resources for GIGA and supported us financially over past weeks.  Special thanks to Ishbel Mackenzie for all her practical advice / support and for helping us plan our trip.


It’s a great honour to undertake this short-term mission trip in association with GIGA and represent our congregation in Uganda.  We would like to convey our heartfelt thanks in particular to the Deacons’ Court, Tong Mission House and the Free Church Mission Board for their financial support and encouragement in the Lord.


Please do pray for us over the next fortnight as we seek to serve the Lord alongside Kenny John and his fellow mission workers.


 Leis gach beannachd

Calum I & Dina



Back Free Church Shorter Catechism Initiative


Q42.       What is the essence of the Ten Commandments?

A.            The essence of the Ten Commandments is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our strength, and with all our mind, and to love everyone else as we love ourselves.


          Q43.       What introduces the Ten Commandments?

A.            These words introduce the Ten Commandments: ‘I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery'.


          Q44.       What does the introduction to the Ten Commandments teach us?

A.            The introduction to the Ten Commandments teaches us that, because God is Lord and is our God and redeemer, we must keep all His commandments.


Have you ever memorised the Ten Commandments? If you have, repeat them now. If you have not, here they are (in short form): (1) Have no god but God, (2) Make no idols, (3) Do not misuse the name of God, (4) Keep the Sabbath Day holy, (5) Honour your father and mother, (6) Do not murder, (7) Do not commit adultery, (8) Do not steal, (9) Do not give false witness, (10) Do not covet.

Once, someone asked Jesus which of the commandments was the greatest. Jesus’ answer may have surprised him. Read it in Matthew 22:37-39. Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to love God with all that you are. He said the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbour as you love yourself. Can you see either of these two commandments in this list of ten? Although we do not find these two commandments in the Ten Commandments, these two sum up all of the ten. That is why Jesus said these are the two greatest commandments. Read Matthew 22:40.


An excerpt taken from Training Hearts Teaching Minds, Family Devotions based on the Shorter Catechism by Starr Meade, ISBN 978-0-87552-392-7. Used with permission from P&R Publishing Co Phillipsburg, N.J. www.prpbooks.com



I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.  (John 14 v 6)

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