We extend a warm welcome to everyone worshipping with us.  We trust that God will richly bless our time together.

Services for Sunday 25th February

Services for Sunday 4th March


Morning Prayer Meeting


Morning Prayer Meeting


Rev David F Macdonald (Hall)


Rev Calum I Macleod (Hall)


Rev Calum I Macleod (Gaelic – Church)


Rev Donald A Macdonald (Gaelic – Church)


Sunday Schools


Rev David F Macdonald (Tong)


Rev Calum I Macleod (Church)


Sunday Schools




Rev David F Macdonald (Church)



Midweek Services

Tue (7pm)

Prayer Meeting (Gress - Gaelic)

Wed (7.30pm)

Prayer Meeting (Hall – English) – Rev David F Macdonald

Minor Prophet Series - Obadiah

Wed (7.30pm)

Road to Recovery (Back Community Hut)

Thu (7pm)

Prayer Meeting (Hall – Gaelic)  - Rev Calum I Macleod

Sat (7pm)

Open Prayer Time (Crèche / GP Room)



Crèche Rota

Sunday 25th February: Dana Murray, Lisa Maclean, Mairianne Maciver, Catherine France

Sunday 4th March: Laura Burns, Melanie Mackay, Christine Mutch, Sarah Macleod


Little Lambs Rota

28th February: Mary Ann, Rhoda and Nan

7th March: Louise, Mary Ann and Ishbel (Maciver)


Focus YF

Focus YF will meet in the Church Hall from 7.15pm onwards. All young people are encouraged to come along, even if you have never been before. The speaker this evening will be Eoghain Macphee from Stornoway Free Church.



Cearcall meets tomorrow, 26th February at 2:00pm. We are looking forward to meeting and having a time of fellowship together.   Please come along if you can.  


Christianity Explored

The timings of our last 2 meetings of Christianity Explored have been extended.  Week 7 on Monday 26th February and Week 8 on Monday 5th March will run from 7:45 to 9:30 pm in the Hall.  Please feel free to come along and join us.


Walking Group

The Walking Group meets on Tuesday 27th February. The group meet in the church car park at 6.30pm and go for a 5k walk.  If you wish further information contact Dina (07557091593) or Isabelle (07786845916). Everyone is welcome.


Little Lambs

Little Lambs will meet this week. Wednesday 28th February, 1pm - 2.45pm.  

All babies, toddlers, parents and grandparents welcome.


Property Fund (Hall) Collection

The monthly collection for the Property Fund (Hall) will be taken today.


WEC Pray 

Copies of the WEC prayer notes are available on the Hall table. Please help yourself. 


Back Communion

Our Spring Communion weekend will be held from Thursday 22nd – Monday 26th March.  The main visiting preacher will be Prof John A Macleod, Edinburgh Theological Seminary, who will conduct our Communion service on Lord’s Day 25th March.  A programme confirming all other services will be provided over coming weeks.  Please pray for God’s blessing on our forthcoming Communion.


Preaching Engagements – North Tolsta Communion Weekend

Rev Calum I Macleod has been invited to preach at North Tolsta on Thursday morning (Gaelic).  Rev David F Macdonald has been asked to conduct the Friday evening and Saturday morning services. Please do remember our neighbouring congregation prayerfully as they look forward to communion fellowship.


Prayer for safe travel

We assure Karina (WEC - New Zealand) along with Kenny John and Ishbel (ABU – Uganda) of our prayers as they travel to their respective destinations over coming days.  We also remember Alex and Aster Chalmers as they return home soon.


Springburn – A Word of Thanks

Jayne and I would like to express sincere thanks to the congregation for all their support with the move to Springburn, New Street. A special word of thanks to the Deacons Court, Property Committee and all who assisted with the move a week last Friday. We are settling in and the piles of boxes are (slowly) going down. Please feel free to come and visit us. Thanks again. Rev David F Macdonald



‘He fulfils the desire of those who fear him; he also hears their cry and saves them’ (Psalm 145:19)

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